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Will Scott, author of The Culture Fix®, has spoken to thousands of business leaders on every continent using his unique, entertaining format to convey his proven, practical culture transformation framework.

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Entrepreneur Organization's Global Leadership Conference

Culture Coach Panel in Phom Penh, Cambodia

Workshop for Muhimbili National Hospital in Tanzania

An unforgettable event with actionable takeaways.

  • Calculate your return on culture and secure a 10X return in the first 12 months
  • Perfect using a scoring system to rank employees, candidates and even customers
  • Measure your culture and improve your employee score by 30%-50%
  • Empower everyone to handle difficult conversations and create the healthiest environment
  • Know how to hire and unhire™ for cultural alignment
  • Understand the difference between core values and a valued culture
  • Learn how to create the perfect culture communication tool
  • Teach your team to make decisions the way you would
  • Discover the simple joy of leading with values

Available in Workshop or Keynote Format


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A certified member of the Global Speakers Academy, Will brings expertise and an unmatched energy to your audience. 

"Will's authentic passion for the power of culture was infectious. His high-energy delivery had our members fully engaged throughout the entire workshop. It was one of our most highly rated, and attended, events of the year."

-Glenn Grant, Boston

"Every company has a culture whether they know it or not. At MVP, we worked really hard maintaining a culture that was never fully defined. After working with Will, our entire team came together to create a culture that is now clear and lived by everyday."

Tyler Lombardo, Cleveland

“Having corporate values are essential in every business but having Will Scott coming in and giving us practical tips and engaging us with his fun, energetic way helps us to start drumming up ideas and share. We at EO Indonesia definitely felt the impact! Thank you!”

- Sophia, EO Jakarta

“Will was absolutely AMAZING at the event and our members LOVED having him. The speaker assessment survey results were GREAT!!! What I loved is that long-term members gave a rating of 10, which is not always easy. Please use me as a reference for other organizations.” 

- Lisa Hall, Fort Worth

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