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Why your company culture might be costing you.

The world has changed and organizations are challenged with retaining and attracting top performers. This has led to a huge demand for workplace culture transformation, yet there is a need for proven tools, a cultural transformation framework and a community where leaders can benefit from sharing their experiences. Culture Fulfillment from The Culture Fix® is a proven, yet customizable solution that meets the needs of organizations and the desires of the culture consultant coaches that want to help them.

2/3rds of all employees are disengaged

Gallup 2023

'Uncaring leaders' was #1 reason people left a job without another in hand 

Mckinsey & Company 2022

51% of the workforce is actively searching for a new job

Gallup 2023

Low engagement cost the global economy $8.8 trillion dollars.

Gallup 2023

Toxic culture is 10.4x more likely to lead to attrition than compensation

MITSloan 2022

How The Culture Fix® impacted Leap Companies

Pat Phelan, the Founder & CEO, shares his team's experience of Culture Fulfillment from The Culture Fix®.

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