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The Culture Fix® Podcast with Will Scott

The Culture Fix® Podcast with Will Scott

Hosted by: Will Scott

This is “The Culture Fix® Podcast.” Join celebrated author Will Scott & successful business leaders every week as they discuss insights, learnings, and advice on how to lead with values. Bring your culture alive,...

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Going Deeper into Core Values with Todd Smart of Chicago Traction Center

Todd Smart is the CEO and founder of Chicago Traction Center, a company that helps entrepreneurs and their company leadership conceive and develop core values that encourage a healthy culture within the organization....
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How to Create an Impact to Your People and Organization with Rachel Nielsen, CEO of Result Drivers

Episode #5

Rachel Nielsen is the founder, and CEO of Result Drivers. The company is designed to train leaders on how to be result oriented. Rachel will remind us of one of Newton’s laws: Cause and Effect.
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The Cost of Not Having a Culture with Brian Waspi

Brian Waspi, the CEO of Clear Water Outdoors, one of the leading outdoor companies, will be joining us today to share his insights into good culture versus bad culture. He will detail his personal experiences in a...
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