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The Gift of Cultureā„¢

A webinar co-hosted by Will Scott, author of The Culture FixĀ® and Founder of The Culture Fix Academyā„¢, and TCF culture coaches..

Great company cultures have never been more important. The world has changed and organizations are desperate to retain and attract top performers. This has lead to a huge demand for culture coaching, yet there is a need for proven tools, a framework and a community where culture coaches can benefit from sharing transformational experiences.

Culture Fulfillment from the Academy is a step-by-step, train-the-trainer solution that meets the needs of organizations and the desires of the coaches that want to help them. Will you join us?

In The Gift of Culture webinar, we will cover:

  • Unique tools from The Culture Fix® that are changing lives and no one else is teaching
  • Why organizations are relishing the measurable results and becoming hiring magnets
  • How Actuator coaches are growing their practice, increasing their earnings and having fun doing meaningful work in a few days a month

Every attendee will receive a free digital copy of Will’s latest book: The Gift of Culture™, the fabled companion to The Culture Fix®.

Space is limited. Reserve your spot now.