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The Many Benefits of Implementing a Valued Culture

core values Dec 23, 2022

Whether you’ve been following Culture Czars for several weeks or several years, you know that one of the biggest pillars is creating and giving life to the values of your organization, which we refer to as CoreVals™. Having these CoreVals implemented in every aspect of your business is imperative for establishing a healthy, happy and loyal team of stakeholders. Now, a recent publication in the Harvard Business Review, What Does Your Company

Really Stand For, penned by scholars of organizational behavior and corporate consultants has confirmed just how important these values are, or, as they say, the ‘value of values’. As has been shared in years of Case Studies resulting from working the 9 Deeds in 90 Days, this report upholds our observations that ‘a clear understanding of individual and organizational values can affect decision-making, motivation, relationships, well-being and performance’. 

Values alignment and its impact

With the many challenges facing businesses and their workforce, and the increased importance stakeholders are putting on their employer’s ability to create meaning from their contributions, it has never been more important to establish a Valued Culture. According to the report, the benefits of having a ‘values alignment’ between the employee and the business include:

  • Higher job satisfaction
  • Lower turnover 
  • Better teamwork
  • More effective communication 
  • Bigger contributions to the organization
  • More productive negotiations
  • Increased diversity, equity and inclusion

In a world in which the workforce is increasingly seeking meaning from their work, it is imperative to employee retention to have your CoreVals front and center. 

Going deeper than values with The Culture Fix®

Let’s take a step back from the focus of the article and dig a little deeper into the ‘how’ of establishing a valued culture. While the article referenced above contains amazing statistics from their research on value alignment, including highlighting the importance of identifying the individual values of all organization members, and identifying ‘values candidates’, or as we call them, Culture Champions, our process is even more granular. 

One of the first tasks that occurs in the process, even before values, is establishing a Core Purpose™, which highlights your overarching company goal and reason for being. By establishing a why, your workers will finally be able to identify their purpose, be empowered to pursue it and ultimately get better at what they do. A recent Mercer Study also found purpose to be a game changing factor in creating a successful & efficient workforce, with employees 3x more likely to work for a company with a strong sense of purpose. 

We don’t stop at the Core Purpose, or CoreVals. In fact, these are just the pillars of creating a fully functional and successful valued culture. Check out this visual summary of the full process to learn a bit more about the tools that you will receive when implementing The Culture Fix in your organization. These include: 


The overarching company workflow or master process that serves to set stakeholders up for success is interwoven with the values


A numeric measurement that indicates the degree to which employees and teams work in concert with CoreVals

Core People Processes™

The hiring, unhiring, and evaluating protocols based on CoreVals


A visual representation of your CorePurpose, CoreVals, and CoreWorkflow that becomes a part of your organization’s history

Dip your toe in the Valued Culture pool with a NEW mini-course

If you have been considering implementing a Valued Culture in your organization, but aren’t sure where to start, or what program is right for you, we’ve got you covered! We’ve launched a NEW, abbreviated but mighty offering just for you. In this mini-course, Will Scott, the founder and author of The Culture Fix®, walks you through the 9 Deeds in 90 Days. By providing real client examples and an accompanying workbook, you will be empowered to start your journey toward leading a truly valued culture in just 40 minutes. Make this your New Year’s resolution; we promise it will be the most impactful time you spend all year.


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