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DH3 Group Culture Fulfillment Case Study

Uncategorized Jul 12, 2023

Based in Phnom Penh, DH3 Consultant Co. Ltd. stands out as a premier project consultancy firm in Cambodia. Specializing in furniture, interior designs, and solid surface solutions, DH3 Consultant is the ultimate destination for furnishing that is both beautiful & functional. 

Within the DH3 Group, you will find a range of companies dedicated to fulfilling diverse requirements. The Culture Fix® specifically worked with one subset: Designet Contracts, dedicated to constructing spaces with exceptional quality and designs. Their commitment lies in fostering genuine relationships with honesty, motivation, and ambition. Designet strives to deliver swift and cost-effective interior design services to their esteemed partners.

All of this to say… because of their keen eye for design, reverence for Cambodian culture, & dedication to their clients, they were an inspiring client to work with. 

Beginning Culture Fulfillment. 

From Core Values to Valued Culture

Pictured: DH3 Group with The Culture Fix™ Founder & CEO, Will Scott During Our 

Culture Fulfillment Workshop

DH3 serves as a prime example of how a company's culture doesn't need to be in a state of disrepair to acknowledge the potential of culture as a catalyst for growth. Although they had already cultivated a friendly and team-oriented atmosphere, it was not explicitly acknowledged, and their culture had not become a way of life. However, after collaborating for a few months, the team established four core values centered around hospitality and humanity. Dan Lim, Founder of DH3 Group & Designet, and Mark Natividad, Culture Officer of DH3, express that The Culture Fix® tools have played a valuable role in effectively implementing and embracing these core values in their daily operations.

Initially, the team had listed seven Core Values. However, at The Culture Fix®, we prioritize quality over quantity when it comes to Core Values. We believe that having three to five distinct, memorable, personal, and actionable Core Values is more effective. In the case of DH3, their initial set of seven values differed from the current four. The key distinction lies in the fact that the previous seven were aspirational ideals they believed should be upheld, whereas the current four are rooted in the innate uniqueness and existing strengths of their team members. Cultural touchstones should serve as recognition of your current identity, embracing who you truly are, rather than striving to be who you think you should be. These four values emerged through brainstorming and debate, incorporating insights from our book, The Culture Fix®.

The new set of values truly reflects the collective identity and cultural heritage of the DH3 team, particularly emphasizing the rich Cambodian culture. The previous seven values, although deemed valuable, did not resonate strongly with their community in terms of fostering interaction and support. By defining and embracing these true, four core values, DH3 has undergone a meaningful transformation, transitioning from simply having core values to having a truly valued culture.

CoreVals Rooted in Cambodian Culture

DH3 achieved personal, meaningful, and distinct Core Values by connecting them with elements deeply rooted in Cambodian culture. To visualize this alignment, they created a CoreChart™ inspired by the iconic Bayon Temple, as shown below.

As a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Bayon Temple holds immense cultural and historical value. It attracts visitors from around the world who come to marvel at its architectural splendor, contemplate its spiritual significance, and immerse themselves in history. The temple serves as a symbol of national pride for Cambodia and continues to inspire awe and admiration for its beauty, craftsmanship, and legacy. 

Pictured: DH3 Founder, Dan Lim, Discussing Each of DH3’s Core Values Through Their Bayon Temple Inspired CoreChart™

The Bayon Temple holds significant meaning for DH3, representing their overarching mission to craft exceptional and timeless designs that instill pride in their customers.

An outstanding aspect of the Bayon Temple is the abundance of large stone faces embellishing its towers. Within the temple, there is a specific structure featuring four faces of the Buddha, with each face symbolizing a distinct core value aligned with Buddhism. Drawing inspiration from this, DH3 designed miniature trophy versions of these structures. In this rendition, each of the four faces represents DH3's core values, harmonizing with the four meanings conveyed by the original structure.

“The temple has four faces, each representing a value: gratitude, empathy, compassion, and honesty. We incorporate these values into our own core values: develop, humanity, hospitality, and honour. By merging these values with Cambodia's history and culture, it fosters a sense of belonging and emphasizes the importance of our roots. It becomes part of our lifestyle, creating a strong and positive culture within our team.” 

- Mark Natividad, Culture Officer of DH3

Core People Processes: Notice & Nominate™ Program

DH3 has established a system to award & recognize individuals who consistently embody their core values. They track the number of nominations received for each value and aim for four nominations per person. Once someone accumulates 16 nominations, 4 for each of the 4 core values, they will receive a trophy inspired by the renowned Cambodian temple—an esteemed symbol. This serves as a source of pride, acknowledging their ongoing commitment to practicing their core values.

This recognition not only boosts morale but also affirms the natural inclination of their teammates to help and excel in their roles. By providing the appropriate acknowledgement and appreciation, DH3 shows that the associate’s contributions are valued and honored.

Culture as a Lifestyle

“It's not just about imposing or implementing the core values, 

it is about actually making it fun and exciting.”

- Mark Natividad, Culture Officer of DH3

Mark Natividad shared that in the team’s daily interactions, they have incorporated the core values as a norm. Even during casual moments, while working or helping one another, they find opportunities to interweave the core values into conversations. For instance, someone may crack a joke and cleverly incorporate a descriptive behavior associated with a core value, creating a sense of connection and relevance. 

They also apply this approach during more challenging discussions, where commitment and accountability are crucial.

For example, one of their values centers around the phrase "No try, get it done." In the past, when team members were asked about completing a task, they could respond with vague statements like "I'll try to give it to you by Wednesday afternoon." Then Thursday would roll around, and they’d say, “I’ll try to give it to you by end-of-the-day today.” However, now when someone uses the word "try," the rest of the team reminds them of the value by saying, "No try. Finish it on Wednesday afternoon." This lighthearted yet meaningful use of language encourages everyone to honor their commitments and uphold the values that create forward momentum in their initiatives. 

This approach not only adds an element of fun but also cultivates a shared understanding among team members regarding expectation & mutual support. 


In conclusion, DH3 Group, through their collaboration with The Culture Fix®, exemplifies the transformative power of leveraging culture as a tool for growth. While already fostering a positive environment, DH3 recognized the need to explicitly acknowledge their culture and make it a way of life. By developing four meaningful core values rooted in Cambodian culture and incorporating them into their daily operations, DH3 underwent a significant shift from simply having core values to truly having a valued culture.

DH3's journey serves as an inspiring case study, as this group’s dedication & ingenuity in the Culture Fulfillment Program is sure to reap rewards through secured objectives. By infusing their core values with cultural touchstones, DH3 has not only created a sense of belonging for their team but has also established a framework for sustained growth and success.


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