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From Coach to Actuator: The Culture Fix Academy

conscious leadership Nov 02, 2022

Several months ago, we launched The Culture Fix Academy, a one-of-a-kind coaching collective focused on providing a complete culture coaching framework to businesses seeking transformations. The Culture Fix Academy exists to provide an entire suite of resources to coaches, HR professionals and CEOs so that they can implement a culture-first organization and create engaged stakeholders. While each individual business who has passed through the program has achieved amazing results, we’re excited to share that our inaugural group of coaches, or Actuators as we call them, has grown to two dozen.

Business coaches and consultants of all modalities have been increasingly recognizing the importance of a culture-first workplace. Thanks to The Culture Fix Academy, there is now an entire community of Actuators spanning 13 states, 6 countries & 5 continents actively working with businesses worldwide to grow their cultures!

We chatted with two of our founding Actuators to reflect on their experience with The Culture Fix Academy.

Implementing The Culture Fix is a foundation for any next step

Cheryl Lauer, a Strategic Business Advisor and Executive Leadership Coach, transitioned from her career as a business owner and executive to help other companies achieve their full potential. While her coaching path began with Strategic Advisory work, she realized that once the yearly planning was done, there was no action plan to keep things moving. She also discovered that because these initiatives were focused solely on senior management, there was no lasting value to the core stakeholders in the business. Enter The Culture Fix Academy.

First exposed to The Culture Fix through her regional Entrepreneurs Organization, Cheryl quickly began to realize the true importance of having core values and culture as the key to achieving long term goals as a business and joined The Culture Fix Academy as an Actuator. “I appreciate the focus on foundational work- it’s a program, with a process, steps and a timeline. By putting resources together to arm people with the right resources, they have created a very actionable program for Actuators and businesses. Plus it's totally digitalized and interactive- videos, resources, documents are all available at your fingertips- it makes learning easier!”

Make your business more human and less process

Bill Green, head coach for The Culture Fix Academy, also discovered the importance of a strong culture from his many years working in business. Like many passionate about achieving full business potential, Bill learned EOS, becoming a professional implementor several years ago. But like many Actuators, he realized that his current process of coaching wasn’t people focused, it was process focused. “Recognizing the soul part is the most important part. When I hear people say ‘I have people problems’, ‘we aren’t on the same page’, ‘high turnover’ I know that any other coaching process is just going to be putting perfume on a pig- they need to get to the core of their identity. Make their business more human and less process. When stakeholders feel part of a whole instead of a cog in the machine, you will achieve long-lasting results”.

Helping businesses realize their dream culture and reach their potential

By joining our inaugural group of Actuators, you aren’t changing your business, you are adding to it. The Culture Fix Academy is the easiest fix for the hardest thing in business™ and our members aren’t only changing businesses but they are changing the way they coach. While Bill originally considered TCFA a simple add-on, he is now embracing it as a core strategy in his coaching. Similarly, Cheryl is working to create this as an entry point to her clientele, a key to whatever their next step. As a collective, we are excited to see The Culture Fix implemented in businesses exponentially in the coming months, years and decades.

Learn more about our inaugural group of Actuators or inquire about joining our collective.


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